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Western Australia 2 Books Combo Special


1– Western Australia 2 Books Combo Special ($54.95)

– The Dive Spots of Western Australia
– Marine Species Guide

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The Dive Spots of Western Australia

Included Snorkelling Spots

The Dive Spots of Western Australia is an indispensable guide for all levels of divers and snorkelers, broadening their horizons on places to visit and dive/snorkel in Western Australia. The book has more than 175 dive spots in Western Australia. Important guidelines on each coastal dive destination include accommodation, facilities, travelling tips and dive conditions. Complete with photographs and more than 100 illustrated maps of each dive site, all reefs are star rated to cover depths, marine image in life and other essential information for the diving and snorkelling community.

Marine Species Guide

A quick reference guide to marine and fish species that can be found around the world

This book can be used by scuba divers and snorkelers as a quick reference guide to help them identify and learn about the fish species they might encounter underwater.

The book covers many of the marine species found on the reefs around the world. Illustrations of fish families simplify identification underwater, while general behaviour of the family and interesting facts are also listed. This information includes the common family names, biological family names, aliases, size, identification, general information, feeding preferences and where the families occur around the world.

Photographs of the most common of the species found, when scuba diving or snorkeling, are included and the fish families are categorised for easy reference.